Month: July 2017

Faerie, Faerie, Quite Contrary, Off to the Garden You Go

Many different stories abound in cultures across the world about the enchanting ways of the Fae. They can be found in lush forests, whimsical gardens, forked waterways, and rolling mounds.  They are known by many names and tend to be most commonly described as wild nature spirits. There appears to be also

Releasing Your Inner Star Child

Where do we go wrong? How do so many of us end up living, if you can call it that, in such an automated, robotic way? Be responsible, they said. Be successful, they said. What do these terms even MEAN? Obviously the definitions are really a matter of our perspective

The Splintered Self: From Broken Cogs To a Working Wheel

Have you ever felt that nagging pull from the depths of your mind; a feeling like you are nowhere near WHOLE? Your self feels {splintered, fragmented, fractured} like there are broken cogs in your psyche wheel. The facade is so convincing that society overlooks such feelings and your waking conscious downright rebukes

The Bee’s Knees on Honey

What is sweeter than sugar yet more valuable than gold? It is no surprise that I’m particularly fond of the liquid gold. After all I DID do my Master’s presentation on its wonderfully healing properties. But since my presentation was several years ago, I wanted to take another look at some of

The Witch’s Way: Misconceptions about Religious Connotations

Existing currently is a common misconception about the religious association of the practicing Witch. It is frequently thought that the terms Wiccan, Pagan, and Witch are interchangeable and inter-related. This is not necessarily true. And this type of thinking limits the reach of Witchcraft as an energetically driven practice.   Just let

Ten Mermaid *Tails* for the Ethereal Believers

  💠(1)  Mermaids are found in nearly every culture and are not just associated with the oceans, but with fresh water springs, lakes, and rivers as well. 💠(2) Supposed traits include power of prophecy and the ability to bestow or remove fertility. 💠(3) It is said mermaids have the inclination

Why the Blog? And Why The Crooked Broomstick?

Greetings all far and near! My name is Nacoi, Coi for short, and I am the creator of this here web log! So STORY short, I decided to create this blog in hopes of connecting with my fellow witches and wild women of the world wide web. If you’re like

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