Why the Blog? And Why The Crooked Broomstick?


Greetings all far and near!

My name is Nacoi, Coi for short, and I am the creator of this here web log! So STORY short, I decided to create this blog in hopes of connecting with my fellow witches and wild women of the world wide web.

If you’re like me, it is a tricky task to juggle life, work, and responsibilities; and because of this, I typically fall short on the “social” part of socialization. Thus I wish to share my knowledge of the path so far and tango with my fellows so that I may bring growth to others’ lives as much as my own.


My goal for this blog is so very simple: 

Divulge, Interact, Evolve and Repeat.





About Me

I’ve led a long and CrOoKeD path up to my current practice and presently reside in Destination Unknown, Arkansas. I have my Master’s in Nursing and have been practicing in the medical field for almost 8 years. Now nurse may be my day-time career, but Gypsy~Green Witch is my moonlit mission.flying-witch-300px I’ve been a practicing witch for several years. And if there is one thing I’ve learned on this winding road, there is always more room to grow and that growth only accelerates when we interact with others.

You Named it What?

Now, this segues into the why of my shop & blog name The Crooked Broomstick. The broom, or besom as to which it is commonly referred in the Craft, is both a physical and magickal tool that can be used to brush away both tangible & nontangible energetic debris. It clears a space of the stagnant, sometimes negative, static of our everyday lives.

 Making Room For Growth

With the energetic clearing, new growth is given room to breathe & flourish into creative expansion. Now the path of the Witch, or any energy-guided practitioner for tisla_280x280.22168139_t7dnhwzfhat matter, is not always straight. Matter of fact it rarely is. It comes with many valleys and peaks, ebbs and flows, & twists and turns. These crooks not only make the journey fun, but they make it meaningful in such a way that the insight you’ve learned is unforgettable. Thus born the name: The Crooked Broomstick.

I hope you all enjoy the information you find here and feel open to reach out to me about anything your heart urges. I also encourage you to ask me about any topics that pique your curiosity, and I will attempt to post information as I see relevant to the page and its purpose.

Brightest Blessings!



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